PhD candidates
Will be hiring a PhD student in 2023 that will study evolution of protein sequences using deep mutational scanning. For more information about joining the lab, contact me at ingemar.andre - at -

Postdoctoral candidates

We have two postdoc positions in a project supported by the NovoNordisk foundation, with start 2023-03. The goal of the project is to understand the relationship between protein folding, structure and codon usage in proteins. One experimental postdoc will utilizing deep mutational scanning, flourescence activated cell sorting and next generation sequencing to map protein folding and expression with codon choices. One computational postdoc will develop a deep learning method to study codon choices in proteins. Contact me at ingemar.andre - at - for more inforamtion about these positions. 

Candidates interested in joining our group to study other questions, and that would consider participating in applying for external funding should contact me at contact me at ingemar.andre - at - 

Undergraduate students

There are two types of undergraduate projects in the lab. For students without programming experience we offer experimental projects, often characterizing proteins designed in the group or using directed evolution methods based on libraries of protein variants. For students with some programming experience we offer projects in method development. Although there are more applied projects in this area, typically an interest in development of algorithms and computational methods is requested. If your area interested in joining the group as an undergraduate, contact me at ingemar.andre - at - ​